The Carousel project built entirely by the FunTech team.

With a diameter of 6.5 meters, the carousel was built from 0 by our company. The client wanted the machine to be very efficient when it comes to moving, so we reached a time of assembly or disassembly of only 1 hour and 16 minutes with only one person. Everything remains assembled on a 7 meter trailer with a weight of 3100 kg.

Building curves from the floor.

The lighting is full led, the carousel has over 30,000 LEDs with low power consumption and the latest PIXEL LED technology.

The carousel connects to the 220v network, consumption of 1.5 Kva, control is via converter. Everything is synchronized with SMART technology.

The application for monitoring and accessing SMART is dedicated to him, is built and programmed by our team.

Assembly of floor parts.

Other Projects

Decorative Products

We can produce custom fiberglass products for any decorative project.

Miscellaneous constructions

We can produce fiberglass products of any size for any industrial project.

Arhitectural Design

We produce interior or exterior glass fiber (FRP) decorative elements.

3D Printing

We make 3D prototypes in just a few days!

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